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Josh has been a wealth of health information for me with his understanding of wellness and biomechanics. The light therapy has only been part of the benefit of working with him as he gone above and beyond with helping me with exercises designed to improve my quality of life. He is clearly very passionate about his craft and is eager to help his clients. Thank you Josh!

We age as time goes by. These changes relate to the natural aging process, poor diet or exercise habits, and/or pregnancies, among other factors. From these changes, the most difficult would be belly fat. Especially women experiencing hormonal changes between the ages of 39 - 52. Enlightened Wellness provides noninvasive treatments that remove unwanted fat, without surgery or downtime. each client will receive treatment   While other body sculpting procedures do exist, they may come with heat-based treatments that do not give you the ideal results that you want.

With this innovative body contouring option, you do not have to undergo surgery nor do you have to take any medications or anesthesia. It is a simple process performed through a device that rests on your skin above the treatment area. You will be awake throughout the entire process while the naturally cooling temperatures will numb your skin within minutes

Our Treatments


Reduce fat/

Skin tightening

21-30% fat reduction

25 min session

2-3 treatments total

Correction cellulite figures in the beauty salon. Girl makes a service in beauty clinic -

Reduce Cellulite/Skin Tightening 

19% Decrease 

20% fat reduction

4-6 treatments

25 min session 

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Reduce Fat Pockets/
Skin Tightening  

19–28% cellulite reduction

10 - 25-minute session

6-8 treatments

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Gut Health lettering sign made with colo

Restore Microbiome/Gut 

Lose Weight

Boost Mood

Balance Hormones

Digital composite of highlighted spine o

Pain Management

Boost Strength

Back/Neck Pain Reduction

Lymphatic System

I have used enlightened wellness for a variety of treatments. Teeth whitening with UV light, face treatment that boosts collagen production with radio frequency, and my favorite treatment with sculpsure. Joshua is very knowledgeable about all procedures and I feel very comfortable telling him & assessing areas I want to target with sculpsure. First I read countless reviews of sculpsure and then I started treatments with enlightened wellness. I love the results I get from all of the treatments. I am a fitness instructor and know what diet and exercise it takes to get results, but I feel like I have areas that never quite catch up to where I want them! The sculpsure is amazing for this and I will continue to go to Joshua to target these stubborn areas! Its great for me to have a good balance and not having to be hardcore with nutrition and still see results. I highly recommend enlightened wellness.